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It’s the start of another ice season and it’s time to relaunch the Ice Atlas. It’s an atlas for real now, with maps on every page. I’ve added launches and parking (and even a couple of restaurants!), useful links, lots of information, and of course photos and videos.

For now it only covers ice in Vermont and New Hampshire, and just under two dozen spots to start with, but I’ll be expanding it steadily. Maine and New York will be along, I’ll be adding more detail to the existing entries, and I’ll be adding features like being able to see the latest satellite images right in the atlas.

All the content from the previous version of the site is still here too:

Below you’ll find guides on basic usage of the site, on how to search the atlas, on how to get directions to launches, and on how to get satellite images for places covered by the atlas.

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Also, every page has a Suggestions button. Please send me any ideas, comments, or suggestions you have. Ice I haven’t included, details about a place I’ve gotten wrong, features I should build — whatever you’ve got!

Basic usage of the atlas

Starting on the atlas overview map, click on one of the ice skater icons , and you’ll see a popup open with the name of the ice and the town in it’s in. Click on that popup, and you’ll go to the atlas page for that ice.

From any page click either the Search box at the top of the screen or the magnifying glass button , and you’ll see a search window open up. Type whatever you want to search for, and you’ll get a list of results. Click the one you want, and away you go!

How to get directions

From any atlas page (for example, Lake Willoughby), click any of the links on the page that have a leftward-facing triangle next to them , and you’ll see a menu of options pop up. You can copy the address (or coordinates, in cases where there’s not a real street address) to your clipboard or open it in a mapping app.

How to get satellite images

From any atlas page (for example, Moore Reservoir), click one of the Satellite images links in the summary box on the right. I’ll stick with the Sentinel Hub EO Browser for now, but you can also use the new Copernicus Browser as well, if you prefer.

The satellite image browser will open up with the location from the atlas in the center of the map. On the left, you’ll see that Sentinel-2 is already checked for you. Just click the Search button. A list will appear with the most recently taken satellite images. Choose the most recent one, or the most recent one without cloud cover, and click the Visualize button. The satellite image will appear on the map.

Too bad there’s no ice on Moore yet!

These are just a few of the more interesting features of the atlas. There’s lots more in here, and I’ll post additional guides on how to best use it. The best way to keep up with the latest things I’m working on is to subscribe to my newsletter. And don’t forget to send me any comments or suggestions you have!

Hope to see you out on the ice soon.

— Christopher Boone