Catamount Hardware

I took a very short spin on Lake Fairlee. It was ≈1” of smooth ice on top of 2-3” of water, on top of 7”+ of ice. There were skateable sections, but mostly it was shell on water. Video attached.

The ice fishing season has moved from ATVs and tent shanties to pickups and tow behind ice houses.

The pressure ridge in the middle of the lake has frozen over more than before, but is also more of an over folded ridge. I didn’t get over to the formerly snow covered area on the northern lobe of the lake, so I’m not sure what that’s like. I assume it’s similar to what Matt found elsewhere.

I stopped by Lake Morey to check it out. Pretty much ruined, from what I saw. Photo attached.

I drove past Reservoir Pond on my way to do the other kind of Nordic skating. I didn’t have time to get out and examine it. Before this storm it was snow covered, so I wonder if it’s in the process of forming a nice layer of snow ice. Did anyone get out to look at it?

— Christopher Boone