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Lake Morey, Vermont

Ice Atlas
Elevation 420 ft / 128 m
Average Depth 28 ft / 9 m
Maximum Depth 43 ft / 13 m
Area 637 acres / 2.58 km2
Shoreline 5.0 miles / 8.1 km

Skating on Lake Morey

The Lake Morey Resort maintains a skating trail around Lake Morey, when conditions permit. When it’s at its maximum length, the trail is about 4.3 miles long (the exact length depends on its exact course, which varies from year to year). It’s said to be the longest skating trail in the US.

At times the whole lake is clear and thick enough for skating, but typically most of the lake is snow covered and the trail is maintained by machine.

The resort rents Nordic, figure, and hockey skates, as well as kicksleds, helmets, and hockey sticks. They sharpen figure and hockey skates, but not Nordic skates. (More information about rentals and sharpening.)

Food and drink is available from the resort’s restaurants and bars, when open.

At times the resort has special skating activities. See their events calendar.

Ice fishing is also popular on Lake Morey.

Launches + Parking

Lake Morey Resort

The main launch for the skating trail is at the Lake Morey Resort. Ample parking is available.

Fairlee Town Beach

Sometimes it's possible to get on the skating trail from the Fairlee Town Beach. Limited parking is available, and the lot is not always open and plowed.

Note: Town policy is that parking is for Fairlee residents only.

Boat launch

When Lake Morey is in condition for wild skating, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife fishing access area (aka the Lake Morey boat launch) is an option.

Note: According to Vermont Fish and Wildlife access area regulations, ice skating is not a permitted activity and thus parking at fishing access areas is not allowed. That said, this is usually only a concern if the parking fills up and ice fisherman cannot park (since they have priority).

An early season black ice day on Lake Morey, January 2023