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Moore Reservoir, New Hampshire

Ice Atlas
Elevation 807 ft / 246 m
Average Depth 60 ft / 18 m
Maximum Depth 120 ft / 37 m
Area 3,180 acres / 12.87 km2
Size 9.8 × 2 miles / 15.8 × 3.2 km

Moore Reservoir is a very large dammed section of the Connecticut River. When in good shape, the skating is absolutely fantastic.

Launch + Parking

There are many ways onto Moore, but the access at the Dodge Hill Picnic Area is the one that is usually plowed in the winter. It is also a short drive off the interstate just outside of Littleton, making access easy. The biggest obstacles to getting onto the ice are the large moats that form around the edge of the reservoir, as the water level shifts up and down slightly with the release of water through the dam. Bringing a long board, or even an aluminum ladder, can be a good idea.

Winging across the ice, January 2023