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Christopher Boone

I was born and raised in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. I’ve been skating, skiing, taking photos, and playing with dogs since I was a kid, and I still love it all. If you see a guy brewing up coffee in an unlikely place, that’s probably me.


I am heavily indebted to the New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Maine Nordic skating communities. In particular, none of this would exist if Jamie Hess hadn’t hung up the Nordic Skater shingle in Norwich twenty odd years ago. His enthusiasm for the sport and his tireless support and encouragement have been and continue to be absolutely critical.

Thanks to Evan Perkins for his advice and inspiration, thanks to Bob Dill for sharing his knowledge on the Lake Ice website, and many thanks to all the other northeastern Nordic skaters, both the ones I know personally and the ones I only know as names on the computer.

And thanks to all of my skating partners! Sarah Thomson and Bethany Fleishman foremost amongst them.


Please get in touch with any feedback, corrections, suggestions, additions, or questions you may have. There’s a Suggestions link at the bottom of every page.